Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Richard's story

Hello, my name is Richard and this is my story.

I was born with DiGeorge syndrome, also known as deletion 22q syndrome. I was also born with autism. Autism affects me in different ways, but mainly I don't understand body language or facial expressions. Also I have difficulty in recognising emotions in other people and my own emotions like happy or sad. I have dyspraxia and dyscalculia. Also I have autoimmune disease and I am a carrier of sickle cell.

I have been a member of ResearchNet in Greenwich for the last four years. I really enjoy going to ResearchNet. As well as doing exciting projects that help people with learning disabilities, it really get me out of the house. As I rarely leave the house unless I have a purpose. At the moment we are working on a project which help vulnerable people to stay safe in their communities.  We are designing a card for people to put in their wallets or purses. On the card it tells them some important phone numbers  and what they should say when they call the numbers.

Once a month I go River Wood which is run by Greenwich Mencap. This is where we turn wood into furniture. Every Friday I go to Tramshed in Woolwich. This is a group for people with learning disabilities. I'm a volunteer worker at Tramshed, where I support and get people involved in the activities.  I also go the community meeting once a month for Mencap.

I met with Kaye Jones last week, who is the manager of TOPS day service. Hopefully she will be finding me some work at Goldie Leigh Hospital and I will be teaching the TOPS staff about autism. 

I'm trying to go out more. But because of my autism I can't go out for more than three hours. I find being around people for more than that time really stressful. I use my freedom pass quite a lot and I walk from my home in Thamesmead to Woolwich. I also go to see my friends in Croydon once a month. I get the 54 bus from Woolwich and then get a tram in Croydon.

I am really interested in prohibition which started in the USA in 1920 and finished in 1933. This was when drinking alcohol was illegal in the USA. There was a non dry movement and a dry movement. Lots of the mob were involved with prohibition, like Al Capone, Benny Seagull and Joe Kennedy Senior. They held an open vote in 1933, much like Brexit vote here two years ago. The non dry movement won the vote and drinking alcohol is not illegal anymore. 

I really like playing Football Manager. I've been playing since 1992. My team is Paris St Germain and we are 8th in the league. We have only lost three matches all season. I also like watching wrestling on the WWE network. 

I'm about to start seeing Carol from Greenwich Community Learning Disability Team. She is an occupational therapist and she will be teaching me how to cook. I'm starting off with scrambled eggs and then pancakes the following week.

 Thank for reading my story.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story Richard


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